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"Nataly is unlike any other provider I have ever worked with. She takes the time a therapist would to get to know you and whatever issues you may have, but also has the psychiatric background to manage medications. You really feel like she takes a vested interest in the outcome of treatment. I would highly recommend for any first responders struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction issues etc."

Retired CHP
Northern California

"I am finally seeing a culturally competent and caring clinician. The ability to have an open and honest discussion without judgment has been amazing. We have had conversations about my treatment plan that included my input or concerns. There is a follow-up to see how I am feeling and if there seem to be any adverse reactions to the medicines. I know I can call at anytime if there is an issue."

Northern California

"Thank you again for all your efforts in my trigger management therapy. As a first responder, you know the threat of being provoked by many extrinsic factors out of your control. Years of lights and sirens, screaming, near-miss collisions, equipment failure, skeleton staffing, mandation, missing family milestones, and so much more have suffocated the best of us into solitude and self-medicinal practice. Only when we sacrifice our tough exterior, realize our broken but mendable minds, spirits, and souls, and make the connection do we recognize it's never too late to ask for help. And, with our line of work, the therapy must be peer driven. Your indelible contribution to emergency medicine is why you get it. Your own trauma allows you to closely empathize with other first responders on a level few can reach. Since our sessions, it is my family, friends, and fellow providers that notice a better version of me. My triggers are still there. Now I can recognize my body's reactions and better control how I want to feel. It is powerful and life-changing to have tools to fight off cumulative and acute stressors. Not only am I benefiting from the work we did, but I'm able to share my experiences and pass along the tools to others so that they may also thrive. We all wish to progress at work and at home. The human condition requires us to struggle at times. I am so thankful that I reached out to you. My life is better. My stress is reduced. The triggers that once brought me to rage are still present, but now I accept them with the lifelong understanding that I can only control what I can control, which allows me to be more calm and healthy. My family, friends, and fellow first responders appreciate all you do for others."

Fire Department, EMS community, and transport paramedic
Northern California